Service category: Publish and Archive
Provider:  Research Data Unit
Prerequisites: for members of the university as well as authors of the Heidelberg Open Access Platforms and the Heidelberg Specialized Information Services (FID).

heiDATA Data is the research data repository of Heidelberg University. It is operated by the University's Research Data Unit, a joint service facility of the University Library and the University Computing Center.

heiDATA is a platform for publishing Open Research Data and enables data to be made available in accordance with the FAIR Data Principles. It publishes data from Heidelberg University research projects as well as research data on publications in Heidelberg University Publishing (heiUP) and on Heidelberg University's other open access platforms. In addition, research data on publications from the subject information services arthistoricum.net, Propylaeum, and FID4SA are published. heiDATA functions here as a subject repository in the fields of art history, photography and design, ancient studies, and South Asian studies.

heiDATA is also integrated into the National Research Data Infrastructure as a service within NFDI4Culture, the Consortium for Research Data of Tangible and Intangible Cultural Assets.